Wild Apricot is a great solution for keeping your website current, enrolling new members, sending out and getting back membership renewals notices and payments, creating and sending emails and newsletters, registering participants for events, and tracking income.  All of this takes A LOT of time. Wild Apricot is designed to streamline these functions and make your organization life easier. This is a Wild Apricot website, so if you like what you see and want to know more about how Wild Apricot might be a tool for you, keep reading.

Click here for a PowerPoint with the highlights of Wild Apricot. This can be used to show your organization's Board to help them decide if Wild Apricot is right for them. Some organizations use their current website and integrate the membership and other features while keeping their current website. You have the choice about using all or just some of the features. 

AffiniPay is Wild Apricot’s partner for processing credit cards.  The fees are the same for PayPal, Stripe, Square, and others.  The advantage of AffiniPay is it is integrated into Wild Apricot.  If you have any issues, you contact the Wild Apricot support team.

Click here to create a free 30-day trial. During the trial, you can create your new site of just take a look behind the scenes. 

Creating a Wild Apricot site can be a Do-it-Yourself adventure that takes an initial investment of 60-100 hours to create the website from scratch and transfer content from an existing site. Doing Wild Apricot yourself is an investment and it can be done if you are interested in learning...the payback in satisfaction is huge! 

Some organizations hire a contractor, like TomStar Services, to do the site set up, transfer content, and membership data. Generally that can cost $600-$1,800 depending on how much work is involved. Once the site is setup, it takes 1-4 hours per month to maintain your membership data and website. 

Click here for a free 30-day trial of Wild Apricot, no credit card required. This will provide a good look “under the hood” of the great features and how to manage a Wild Apricot site.  Check it out!

Manage Members and Online Database

Escape Excel Hell. Member data lives safely in the cloud so multiple users can access it from anywhere.

  • Easily search and share your database
  • Customize membership levels and automate renewals
  • Database updates in real-time when a new member joins online
  • Members can update their own info via a member login area
  • Your data is safe, secure and automatically backed up 
  • Set up a searchable online member directory


Create events where members and the public can RSVP or pay and register online.

  • Automatically send reminders to increase attendance
  • Post a calendar of events on your website
  • Customize registration forms
  • Automatically record payments
  • Track attendance with the mobile app

Email Campaigns

Wild Apricot email system integrates with your database so you can easily communicate from one system.

  • Track and manage your contacts with saved searches
  • Automate email confirmations and reminders
  • Personalize every email automatically
  • Choose from dozens of email and newsletter templates
  • Track who is opening and clicking on links in your emails

Mobile App

Your Wild Apricot website is mobile, making it easier for you to attract and engage members.

  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Members can join and pay through their mobile devices
  • Members can register and pay for events from a mobile device
  • Access and update your member data on your smartphone
  • Check-in and register attendees onsite from your smartphone

Website Management - Website Builder

Build a professional-looking website without any technical experience at all. 

  • Free access to professionally designed themes
  • Easy to customize and update with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Instantly create customized individual webpages
  • Member join area
  • Member-only area and member directory
  • News section – Easy to create and post blogs
  • Event listings

Online Store

Create an online store to increase awareness and revenue by selling merchandise.

  • Easily create an online store for selling merchandise
  • Items can include firewood and ice sold in the park 
  • Automatic email notifications, invoices, and payments
  • Admins receive automated emails notifying of the sale. 
  • Fulfillment is by giving/sending customers their products

Online Payments

With Wild Apricot, you’ll have the ability to accept online payments through PayPal or credit cards.

  • No more chasing members for dues
  • Automatically recurring payment option for renewals
  • Automatically updates member profiles and sends invoices
  • Accept online donations
  • Easily track income and export to Excel or QuickBooks

Knowledge and Best Practices

Robust online resources to learn how to use Wild Apricot
  • Articles and Guides on how to do ________ with Wild Apricot 
  • Easy to understand instructions and mini-videos
  • Regular Wild Apricot blogs about Growing Your Membership - Running Events - Recruiting Volunteers - Marketing - Database Management - Leadership - and More
  • Technical Support via telephone, email and live chat

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