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In 2015, Tom Linley started TomStar Services, tapping into more than 30 years of experience in leadership and technical roles in government and nonprofits. With this background, he understands the challenges of handling websites, membership systems, events, and donations, especially when volunteers are involved.

Specializing in offering technical support, Tom helps small businesses, organizations, and associations succeed. Since 2014, Tom has been a Wild Apricot site creator and administrator. Besides building many Wild Apricot sites and smoothly transitioning membership databases, he has guided nonprofit volunteers in creating their Wild Apricot sites.

Tom takes a client-focused approach, working closely to understand their unique needs. He uses his expertise to craft a customized Wild Apricot site that not only mirrors the organization's essence but also improves membership management efficiency.

Tom's experience also includes membership management, coordinating volunteer group projects, strategic planning, training volunteers, organizing special events, managing conferences, and overseeing sponsorship programs.

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